Spiritual meaning of hearing a doorbell in your sleep

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Posted by Padre on March 5, Ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening is a sign off from the Divine signaling a greater change in life. However, on the other hand, it may mean that you have a serious medical condition too. Have you ever gone through a time where you hear vibrations in your ear?

Or perhaps a buzzing sound with high pitched frequency? If you have, did you ever question yourself about why you are witnessing such experiences, or what they might mean? We will answer all such questions in this article and discuss the meaning behind hearing ringing in ears and how it might be connected to having a spiritual awakening. High pitched vibrations can be a sign of spiritual awakening, but that necessarily does not have to be the case.

However, since we are discussing the spiritual implications, we will talk about them in detail.

spiritual meaning of hearing a doorbell in your sleep

Ringing ears as spiritual awakening can mean two things depending on which ear of yours witnesses the high-pitched ringing. The left ear ringing meaning is often believed to correspond with your life on Earth i.

The right ear ringing meaning is associated with spiritual matters. It can relate to your spiritual journey or indicate a need to contact your angels. So now you know that ringing in ears as a spiritual awakening represents a sign from the spiritual realm! But is ringing in ears angels talking? Understanding this message and taking steps towards positive spiritual growth can be an important part of your journey. Your Guardian Angel can help you learn the meaning behind this message.

spiritual meaning of hearing a doorbell in your sleep

Would you like to find out who your Protective Guardian is? Having ringing in your ears can be subtle, but it can also be incredibly noticeable, and even distracting. It can be interpreted as a warning sign from the angels that your meeting will not turn out to be a success or the possibility of you not getting the job for which you are about to give the interview.

The spiritual realm is associated with a confirmation or a good sign. Taking the same example as above, when you enter the interview room and witness a ringing in your right ear, it means that whatever outcome you have intended for, is going to take place.Two years ago I woke up in the night to the sound of my "Door Bell" rining, I had a sense right away that some one was going to die.

The next day I asked my family if they heard the doorbell, no one did. Two days later my cousins daughter died. Last December I heard the door bell again, and had the same feeling of death, my nephew died a few days later. Just last week now, Dec. Do I have a spirit that is forwarning me of a pending death, I am really starting to get concerned about this.

I have always been very sensitive person, am very intuitive about things. Consider yourself gifted and accept this wonderful knowing. With this record you seem to be able to prepare yourself and others around you for the changes that a 'death' of someone brings. Remember not to be afraid of your gift. This is a good step to being able to benefit from it. Keep us up to date. Have you ever experienced through a near death experience or visioning 'the other side?

Meditating on this might bring you more information on the why and how your gift can be used for the benefit of you and others. Either you have a spirit or some outside force that's choosing to warn you of death, or in my opinion this is possibly more likely the gift is within yourself.

What I mean is, you have some gift of foresight which at the moment is controlled by your subconcious, and is why you can't harness it at the moment. This is also why it chooses to present itself in the fairly metaphorical way, ie: death is "knocking at your door" or in this case, ringing. I think an outside entity would be more direct and efficient with its warnings, rather than symbolic like the subconcious generally chooses to communicate with the concious mind the two cannot communicate with each other directly.

This is not due to psibut it is probobly a gift. Their is also a very small chance that you hearing the doorbell ring is a curse on someone and that it is you causing the deaths due to demon possesion SMALLso dont freak out.

I happen to have like all these people that have died. So I sure don't think that it is me causing this. As a child, around 12 or 13 I did have an out of body experience. I was lying in my bed and could see myself from the corner of my bedroom.

Weird eh!! You might be onto something here, Byuu The saying "when a bell rings, an angel gets its wings" must have an origin. Perhaps the ringing is a part of the dying process. I just googled to see if any one else has heard their doorbell ring in the middle of the night. It has been happening to me off and on for the past few years. It wakes me out of a sound sleep. Usually around three in the morning.

Hearing Frequencies- A Sign of Spiritual Awakening Or A Serious Medical Condition?

I look out but nothing has turned the motion sensor light on.Don, your experience is very real, specially to a person who is experiencing it.

This date and this week being special to you, is significant. After 4 years I still find myself doubting at times, than I look at the alternative and wonderokey. Because, I am intelligent, humanly educated, carry on the responsibilities of what is needed to live and care for my kids. But, never think negative, tell yourself " I like to surround myself, partner and my home with the white light of the holy spirit" and just allow Obviously, you are a sensitive person, not because of your this experience but from reading all your writings, who else can write so warmly, kindly, compassionate.

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You are perfect and don't ever forget that I look foward to hearing of your experiences. Mary Ann - sometimes I really struggle to not think I'm crazy. One good friend told me that I need to take "crazy" out of my vocabulary and while I've done that more, sometimes I have a hard time believing things. What you say makes sense and I appreciate you sharing it. Anonymous - at one time I might have believed that I just simply dreamt it as you say but I know that isn't the case.

There is a difference between dreaming and having something actually happen. They aren't the same thing. This morning I was awoken by my doorbell ringing and I know it really rang because my dogs started barking. Not thinking I went straight to the door and opened it because I was expecting my son to be home from his father's house and no one was there. When I went back to the bedroom I noticed the time on the clock.

This is not the first time this has happened to me either. In the past 6 months it has happen several times. I have had some medical issues but the last time a death took place in my family my sister's had experience phantom doorbell both my grandmothers had passed away within 3 months of each other that is why this is upsetting to me.

Me and my sister have not spoken in 5 years but there is something wrong with my mother. I have heard the voice of her mother in my dreams but dont know if it is her trying to reach me. It really helps me realize that I'm not the only one that hears things like this. Just like you, I know it is something more when it happens.

23 Undeniable Angel Signs – How to Know If Angels Are Really With You

May you find the answers to what this current experience is attempting to share with you. Thank you once again for this comment. It truly means so much. Just today about am i was woken up by the phantom doorbell. I have had them on several ocassions. People who say you dreamt it dont know what they are talking about.

They dont know how real it sounds. I have had nightmares and dont wake up from those. I hear the door bell and i wake up with i feel a rush and heart beats really fast. I have to calm myself down. My friend, the past few months I have been hearing the phantom doorbell. It happens always early in the morning a and sometimes late at night. I've been having extremely lucid dreams lately, which almost always contain blood of some sort.

I usually do not wake from these, and if I do, i fall back asleep immediately and reemerge back into the lucidity.Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Soul Arcanum!

Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. See you around! All rights reserved. My father died inand my little sister died on her birthday in She was very spiritual, like me. After my sister died, I felt a connection to her now and then, especially on her birthday. I get up but I see no one at the door.

When I hear it and check, I feel it is real and someone is actually at my door.

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I first heard about this phenomenon some twenty years ago when my mother told me she would sometimes hear the doorbell ring in the middle of the night and no one would be there. For a number of reasons, she believed this was someone in Spirit visiting her. In the ensuing twenty years, I experienced all sorts of signs and contact from spirits but I never experienced anything like this. I had actually forgotten all about it when it happened to me for the first time.

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It was about a month after my father died, and I had been trying hard to contact him directly without much success. My father was not a believer in things like spirit communication, however, which may explain why it was harder to connect with him. One night about a month after he died, I was sleeping and was suddenly awakened by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

As I woke up fully, the experience faded. My father still visits me in the same way every now and then.

Sometimes the doorbell awakens me from a dream visit with him, or I just awaken with thoughts of him in my mind. He has also been known to pull off some amazing phenomena like making the phone physically ring so that everyone can hear it. On both occasions, when the phone was answered there was no one on the line; there was just a lot of white noise. I believe my father has a hard time connecting with me telepathically, and this is why he has to resort to other methods. If you pay careful attention, you should be able to discern the difference between your doorbell actually ringing and the sound you hear in the middle of the night that sounds like your doorbell.

This phenomenon is quite common, and also happens with other sounds that are designed to get our attention. Like you, many people report hearing a phantom doorbell ring in the middle of the night.By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. To hear bells in your dream is likely to indicate that you have a situation in which you will worry about. Church bells indicate a positive victory over another.

A bell such as those often associated with waking up is connected with being aware of feelings inside. Traditionally, the historic meaning of this dream is that the Bell is a warning of disaster or even death. However, the modern interpretation is that we need to be able to communicate much better with others. The western tradition denotes that a bell seen in a dream foretells that your relationships with others will worsen.

In the Arab tradition, a broken bell seen in a dream portends divorce. To hear bells in your dream is likely to indicate that you have a big struggle in your life. A bell on an alarm clock is connected with being aware of feelings inside. Traditionally, the historic meaning of this dream is that the bell is a warning of disaster or even death. If a woman dreams of losing a bell, her husband in real life is in danger.

Generally, the ring of a bell heard in a dream means good news. If someone in love hears bells in a dream, this means marriage or a wedding occurring very soon. If you hear the bells ringing, you could learn about the death of someone far away. To dream that someone listens to the sound of bells, and the one listening is a quiet person, this is a good sign, especially for the one listening.

For more insatiable people, the sound of bells is mainly a sign of strife and discontent. If you yourself hear the bells in a dream, it means that you could gain a new enemy. The Western tradition says that if you hear the bell ringing in a dream, somewhere, at work or even closer to you, a new enemy will appear.

Bluebells or any bell flower in your dream is the sign of true love, marriage, and beautiful children. It foretells good news, but also fluctuations in health. However, many times, a bell in your dream could symbolize fear and quarrel. Hearing a bell could foretell troubles, hate, fights, but if you hear its sound coming from very far away, this indicates good news coming your way. Hearing a bell in the evening or late at night could mean that your sadness will change into happiness in the near future.

Hearing its sound could also refer to a big discontent and maybe even death, quarrels, worries, enmity. A bell toll also refers to sorrow and illness. If the bell in your dream rings for young people in love, this means marriage.

If the bell rings for a dead person, it means that someone with authority is interested in you. Ringing the bells yourself indicates that you will make a special friendship.

Seeing someone ringing the bells is the omen of gratifying news. Making a bell in your dream suggests that you are going to build a new home or have success in your family.When you think of a Spiritual Awakening, you may think of sitting next to Gautama Buddha under the Bodhi tree reaching a state of enlightenment or Nirvana.

All is quiet and you are surrounded by a serene landscape. Classical hymns float ever so softly in the background and become louder and louder until, suddenly, you open your eyes and your life is forever changed. You are now omnipotent and understanding of all. You inhale a pleasurable breath of contentment and expel a sigh of relief.

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Either that or you envision Samuel L. They may be at opposite ends of the spectrum and sure, one may be fictitious, but both are illustrations of what it means to have a Spiritual Awakening.

spiritual meaning of hearing a doorbell in your sleep

Since history has been recorded, human beings have sought one form of spirituality or another. Why we are here? What is our purpose? Finding satisfactory answers to these questions is what we could loosely deem as a Spiritual Awakening, but the search for the explanation is not nearly as important as the quest for the truth.

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This quest, no matter which route you take, always begins the same — we start by asking why? No one wants to hear a lie. The bottom line is — we want the truth; we want knowledge. The hopeful outcome of retaining this knowledge is that we find some semblance of happiness and freedom from suffering. It is why Jules from Pulp Fiction no longer wanted to be a gangster. It is why Gautama Buddha renounced his riches and sought something greater Goddard, We become accustomed to moving through life unconsciously and to not understanding why the world is so unfair to us at times.

We feel helpless and out of control, but there is a bright spot on the horizon. Mens Jewelry Clothing Accessories.

Hearing Supernatural Knocks, Doorbells and Alarms in the Night(1of2)

Womens Jewelry Clothing Accessories. All Products. Exclusive Bundles. Author: Parus Qureshi When you think of a Spiritual Awakening, you may think of sitting next to Gautama Buddha under the Bodhi tree reaching a state of enlightenment or Nirvana.

Denise Kinsley. There are several rituals, lessons, and guides that we can use as motivating factors, but it all comes down to self-love and compassion for ourselves and others. The idea of spiritual self care has been intertwined with scientific data and the teachings of Bud. One of the most powerful ways to practice it is for self-love. It can be all too easy to become caught up in the world around us.Bells have a deep symbolic meaning that is associated with the mind and the expansion of consciousness.

Bells are also associated with clocks, indicating the hour by ringing. Indeed, the word clock comes from the Latin word cloca, meaning bell. Throughout society and culture around the world, bells have a multitude of meanings and purposes.

Bells symbolize beginnings and endings. Church bells gather people by summoning them to church or events. Chimes tinkling in the breeze can relax us and help us guess the speed of the wind. Bells even have the power to tell us what to do! Alarm clocks tell us to wake up and school bells tell us to get to class.

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As you know, the sounding of a bell is a signal that informs us of something; the start or end of mass or class, an emergency, a wake-up call or, in the case of the old town crier, to grab attention before making an announcement. We can therefore deduce the symbolic meaning of a bell probably has something to do with information. You also know that information is a method of accruing wisdom so you have a better understanding of something.

Ancient sages created esoteric symbolism to disguise the actual meaning of their writings. They used everyday objects people are familiar with to help them remember, learn and understand complex lessons of consciousness and the mind. Even when I tell you that bells represents accruing wisdom, it only scratches the surface of it true deeper meaning. The official explanation of symbolic meanings given by religious institutions also scratch the surface.

In China, bells are rung to communicate with spirits. Buddhists, Hindus and the Russian Orthodox Church also say the sound of the bell directly addresses the deity. These same religions also link superstitions to bells. As do domes and towers of churches and temples. A balanced mind has the capacity to analyse a situation and be creative enough to find the ideal solution. Even in modern times, neuroscientists and phycologists describe the left and right hemispheres of the mind as having qualities mostly associated with male or female.

It is believed the left side of the brain is mostly used for analytical purposes which is associated as a male trait. And it is in the control centre that we acquire wisdom in order to make decisions. The Hindu Goddess, Saraswati, the bringer of knowledge and wisdom, is associated with the bell. The reverberation of the bell is used to help worshippers disengage the mind so that it becomes receptive.

The curved dome is said to represent Ananta, the celestial snake on which Lord Vishnu reclines. The seven-headed serpent is symbolic of limitless consciousness. You just have to choose to listen. So the next time you hear a bell ringing, remember you can ask your higher conscious anything and get the right answer.

I heard bells this morning and I swore it was an alarm. Prior to this a few weeks ago I was at the place between sleep and awakeness when a cloudy window opened and there was my mother who passed in December.