Bagpipe notes

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Fiddlers often find themselves playing bagpipe music. As a piper myself, I can't for the life of me think why! Seriously, there are a lot of good marches, and plenty of other tunes and airs that are worthy of being in a fiddle player's repertoire and many more that In this series of columns, I hope to shed some light on the whats, whys, and wherefores of bagpipe music, so this music becomes less opaque to the fiddler.

In future installments, I intend to address bagpipe ornamentation, principles of stress called pointingdifferent types of bagpipe tunes, and eventually the nature of piobaireachd.

But for now, we'll start with two simple concepts. At my first bagpipe lesson, this is what my instructor called the thing.

He even denied it was a musical instrument at all - no rests, no dynamic range, a single key signature. But he was just making a point - you'll have bagpipers usually people who've never touched another instrument claiming it's the pinnacle of difficulty and expression in music.

Clearly these people have never seen a pipe organ played! But really, it is a nine-note party favor, one that comes with a colorful costume.


The nine notes of the bagpipe form a simple Mixolydian scale with a flattened 7th on top and bottom. I boldfaced the first A because it's the tonic. Now, strictly speaking, that C and F are sharp, but for some reason it's suppressed in printed pipe music.

Don't be fooled! Add two sharps in your head when you're looking at tunes in pipe collections. Old pipe music was largely dual-tonic; that is, often it would have a phrase in A, followed by a phrase in G think "The Devil in the Kitchen".

The scale of the bagpipe is ideal for this kind of music, but it is pretty limiting to the modern ear. Recently, more and more music has been written for the bagpipes in the key of D major, forcing a retuning of the chanter's D which used to be sharp relative to most intonation systems. So every bagpipe tune you see will have these nine notes. If you see a tune with more than these, it's already been adapted for fiddle.

Similarly, tunes and songs adapted for the bagpipes will be "squished" to fit this scale. Many is the tune in A major that saw its G e. But wait! I've been fibbing to you. Because though pipe music is written as if it's in the key of two sharps, it's now played somewhat sharp of three flats!

Why do we write it one way and play it another? It is because the pitch of the instrument has come up in the last couple of centuries relative to most other instruments. When Joseph MacDonald - a trained violinist who studied the pipes as a young adult - wrote his manuscript on the Highland pipes inhe felt the scale of the bagpipes was close enough to call its tonic "A.

When it drifted back down, the Highland pipes stayed up there. For a while, then, it was in vogue to play with brass bands, so Bb was a perfect key for the instrument. But that fell out of fashion at a time when competition judges and pipe majors were looking for a "brighter" sound for bands. So mistaking "sharp" for "bright," up the pitch climbed almost to halfway between Bb and B.

Sanity has crept over the community in the last few years, and now it's just sharp of Bb now.All Types All Composers A. Cameron A. Copeland A. Downie A. Ferguson A. Hutcheon A.

Free Great Highland bagpipe sheet music

Johnstone A. MacDonald A. MacFarlane A. MacIver A. MacKellar A. MacLennan A. MacLeod A. MacMillan A. McKintosh A. Redpath A. Ross A. Williams A.


Beaton A. Kenneth A. MacPherson A.

bagpipe notes

Davidson A. Butler A. Lee A. Smaith Alfred E. Whitehead Alfred H. Warner Anna Smart Anne M. Messier Asa B. Everett Aubrey Jackson B.Thanks Keith. Hey mate could you consider doing take me home country roads herd it played slow and it put hairs up on my neck cheers fergy.

Hi Josh will you be going over how to play Loch Lomomd or have the sheet music to it? Have a great New Year thanks,Roger.


Hi Josh It looks like you have not been active lately, hope everything is going great for you and family. Would it be called another name?

I think this year I will probably do one new tutorial a month or every other month depending on how busy life gets. Hi Josh Thank you for all your tutorial. They help a lot. I know you may not be able to give sheet music but a tutorial on how to play it would be great. Thank you so much Jim. Hi Josh I was hoping that you had a tutorial on the Black Bear. I need to learn this one and any help would be appreciated. It is a great song And I am sure there will be a number of papers that would love a tutirial on this song.

Hopefully you can do this one for us. It is one of the more challenging songs I have come across so far. Is there a place that shows you how to! Thanks for this great Project. It really helps me a lot. Will you do more Tune-Tutorials? Would be great if you do one of them…. Greetings from Switzerland.

Hi Josh, The more that I use your site the more I get to appreciate it. Great work. If you can find the time to put up a tutorial on that one I would be most appreciative.

George Lewis again, I found it using search function, still getting used to new site changes. Thanks again for the great lessons and tunes. Hi Josh, Im enjoying your website as I learn to play. I was wondering what happened to Take Flight. I listen to it every time before I practice it really inspires me to play. Is it possible that you e- mail me the sheet whit the music for that. Cheers Ingo. Much greetings Ingo. I Josh, Dan Knox here.

However, it will only allow you to access it if you have signed up for a membership. Josh Good-Morning! Could anyone help? Who should it sound on the chanter.Join our community today!

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Listening to clips of the pros playing pipe tunes is a great way to master the craft. Stream or download thousands of pieces of music and enjoy—and listen to complete tunes before you download the sheet music.

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Learn about the lives, techniques and inspirations of the greatest pipers the world has ever known with insightful commentary by Jim McGillivray and links to more resources including their sheet music and music clips.

We have hundreds of tunes in the original manuscripts intended specifically for the pipes. These will awe a beginner and challenge even a master: all free to download!

Listen for free: no gramophone required! The whys and wherefores of how we do things around here: from pointings and settings to technical and legal issues to descriptions of how pipetunes collects and distributes all the music and info found on this site. Tunes Instructional Videos Pipes Ready!

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Pipes Up! Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band, Glasgow, Download individual pieces of bagpipe sheet music! On pipetunes. Browse by listening to the tunes. You can also download free demonstrations of the tunes by leading piper and teacher Jim McGillivrayas well as by many of the composers themselves.

CA This website has been a labour of love for me since I started working on it in the fall of It had struck me for some years that pipers were lagging behind much of the musical world in terms of being able legally to acquire individual tunes in sheet-music form I have typeset all of the tunes myself using a wonderful piece of software called Sibelius. Getting Started Sign-Up. Create An Account. Sheet Music. View Tunes. Listen to Tunes. Composer Info. Free Sample!

Bagpipe Music Library

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bagpipe notes

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About Musicnotes. Subscribe to our Newsletter Stay Connected. We think your country is: United States Change Country.Musical Notes Tune No. Sicily is off the coast of mainland Italy. My arrangements for the pipes is using what is often though of the refrain or chorus as the first part played twice over, normally sung twice over and then the various stanza which are sung as the 2nd part played only once for each stanza.

Sometimes a singer will sing it this way. Other times, they will start with the second part and since the first part twice. In other instances they sing the verse then the chorus over once, so it would be part 2 then part 1 in my rendition.

The 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums which I was a member of at one time, often took part in the opening of the show, the opening of the second half and closing. It was at one of those shows I hear Andy Stewart sing the tune. I then found a copy of it years ago and started to play the tune and eventually wrote the tune out on paper and then finally transcribed it to music writing software.

How To Play The Bagpipe Scale - Tutorial

Various lyrics have evolved over time. The closest to the original lyrics by Hamish Henderson are sung by Dick Gaugan.

The following are the lyrics as sung by Dick Gaugan, with the original lyrics by Hamish Henderson shown in brackets [ ]. The pipe he is tuned and he's pipin' away He won' be in town for his vino today The sky is like Antrim, all cloudy and gray And the song that he's playin' is eerie Fare ye well ye banks of Sicily Fare ye well ye valley and shore There's no Scot will mourn the loss o' ya Poor bloody soldiers are weary.

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It's march down the stair, and line on the bay Your pack's on your back now the boats are away You're waitin' your turn while the fife and drum play And the song that they're playin' is eerie Fare ye well ye banks of Sicily Fare ye well ye valley and shore There's no Scot will mourn the loss o' ya Poor bloody soldiers are weary. The drum he is polished, the drum he is grand He can no' be seen for his straps and his bands He's greased himself up for a photo and stand To leave with his Lola, his dearie.

Fare ye well ye banks of Sicily Fare ye well ye valley and shore There's no Scot will mourn the loss o' ya Poor bloody soldiers are weary. Stewart East of the 48th Highlanders of Canada with members of the 48th in Sicily.

It is about a fellow in jail and it around Christmas season. It is often heard around the Christmas season each year and was adapted to the bagpipes by The Lone Star Pipes and Drums. I was prompted to adapt this tune as a Canadian Piper who lives in Australia these days was looking for a copy of the music back in By the time I got around to adapting it, St.

I still have not sent him a copy, maybe he will download it from this site hear that Lionel. When it was first released many artists including K.

bagpipe notes

Lang and many others have covered the song and various Pipe Bands including Simon Fraser University Pipe Band have covered it with their own setting. This setting is a simple setting with easy to remember repetitive movements in a coordinated fashion. I was asked if I could play this tune on the pipes in for a July wedding which I was going to not only officiate as a member of clergy here in Ontario, but also was to Pipe for the wedding as well.

The Bride asked if it was possible to play this tune and I said I believed it had already been played on the bagpipes by others and said I would work on it. As I could not at the time find a copy of the tune in bagpipe sheet music, I adapted the song to the pipes after looking at a piano score for the tune.

I often adapt tunes from other musical instrument scores. I also decided to make it simple for use for piping in a bride or piping out the bridal party at a wedding. After writing out the music and eventually playing at that particular wedding I found that this particular tune adapted very well to the sound of the pipes. It was used as the song and music for a Canadian animated by the National Film Board of Canada and appeared in the release as part of their Canadian Vignettes series on television.

One Jack would move his feet rapidly trying get the other Jack to fall into the water. Log Rolling is a fun sport to watch, but even more fun to take part in. They used let us young guys and gals give it a try, decking us out in a those hip waters and other wet gear with proper foot wear and we would get on the log and see if we could roll the log and remain on it.